The New GDST — Reorganized and Strengthened

The GDST recently completed a year-long transition to evolve from an ad hoc platform convened and facilitated by two NGOs (World Wildlife Fund and the Institute for Food Technologists) into a permanent, independent, industry-driven organization.  This important milestone was announced in a press release and an accompanying statement by the GDST Steering Committee on Monday, October 3, 2022.

The reorganization will enable the GDST to be self-sustaining and to strengthen its role as the leading industry forum for the promotion of digital seafood traceability and owner of the industry’s global traceability standards.

Inclusive and Flexible Partnership Options

Going forward, participation in the GDST will require joining the new organization as a GDST Partner.  As in the past, partnership is open to all companies involved in the seafood supply chain, and now under the new GDST there are also partnership opportunities for all kinds of stakeholders, including traceability solution providers, certification and benchmarking organizations, NGOs, academics, and government agencies.

GDST partnerships are now offered in four categories (depending on type of company or organization), and with three tiers of possible Dialogue engagement in each category, to reflect the level of interest and commitment of each partner.

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Why Join the New GDST?

Companies joining the new GDST will have access to a range of “partners-only” products and services to support implementation of the GDST standards, and will receive public recognition for their leadership.  Partners in all categories will also have a seat at the table as the GDST helps shape the future of seafood traceability, whether through the continued evolution of the GDST standards or through the GDST’s engagement in advocacy to influence emerging regulations and policies affecting seafood commerce.


We know the reorganization of the GDST may raise some important questions.  See our New GDST FAQs page for some answers.

The GDST: Going Strong

The GDST is going strong into this transition! The GDST has steadily grown and is gaining excellent momentum.  Recent GDST achievements include:
  • Global adoption is now over 90 entities in 30 countries;
  • Performance measures and work plans of leading organizations are using GDST as a benchmark (SeaBOS, GSSI, ISSF, GTA, GBA), while others are endorsing and supporting (including MSC, ASC and others);
  • Important regulatory processes are increasingly aligning with the GDST’s approach, including in important market states such as the US, Canada, EU, Japan, and elsewhere;
  • Global norm-building processes are starting to use GDST as a reference point, including within the FAO and U.N. Environment Program;
  • GDST products and services are continuing to expand, including:
    • Release in March of the first update to the standards – GDST version 1.1
    • Release in June of the new GDST Capability Test – the first tool for verifying the capability of software systems to support GDST-compatible traceability
    • Release in June of new materials to support supplier on-boarding.

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