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Please use the form below to register as a member of the Dialogue Advisory Group (DAG).  DAG members will receive regular updates on the progress of the Global Dialogue, as well as notifications of opportunities to give written inputs into the Dialogue and invitations to on-line and in-person DAG meetings.  Joining the DAG does not commit any participating organization or individual to attend meetings or to endorse the final Dialogue results. If you are not ready to join the DAG, but would like to receive additional information, please contact us.

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The Global Dialogue website and other public materials may include lists of organizations participating in the Dialogue Advisory Group. If you do NOT want your organization to be included in public lists of DAG members, please check the box below. Note that granting permission to identify your organization as a DAG member does NOT provide permission for use of your organization logo, or for the public identification of any individuals in your organization. It only gives permission to include the name of your organization, and country of headquarters, on public lists of DAG participants.

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