Participate in the Dialogue

Companies can engage with the Dialogue through one of the following options:

1.) GDST membership Company must be engaged in the seafood supply chain.

2.) Dialogue Advisory Group (DAG)- Stakeholders other than seafood supply chain companies are invited to join the Dialogue Advisory Group (DAG).

After applications have been screened (which may take up to seven working days), participants will receive an email from a member of the GDST Secretariat following up regarding their application.

If you are a supply chain company waiting for your GDST  membership application to be approved, but are ready to adopt the GDST 1.0 standards, you can do so here.

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GDST MembershipDialogue Advisory Group (DAG)Dialogue Advisory Group (DAG) AND listing as a vendor offering GDST-compliant solutions

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Seafood producer/processor/trader/vendorTraceability technology or traceability systems vendorCertification or auditing service providerSupply chain management / consultantNon-governmental organizationEnvironmentalLabour / Human RightsOtherAcademic or Research InstitutionGovernmental or Inter-governmental EntityOther

Additional information about supply chain companies:

If you are a seafood supply chain company, please complete the remainder of this form

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Producer (fisher or fishing company)ProcessorTrader / exporterTrader / importerDistributorMajor brand ownerRetailerFood Service

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Company specializes in seafoodCompany buys/sells multiple food products other than seafood

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Company sells multiple kinds of seafood productsCompany specializes in a few seafood products

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Permission to List Participants

The Global Dialogue website and other public materials may include lists of participants in the Dialogue.

Companies that sign the GDST 1.0 Adoption Statement are therby giving permission to be listed in public as having endorsed the GDST 1.0 standards. Participants in the DAG are granting permission to be listed unless you check the box below.

Note that granting permission to identify your organization as a DAG member does NOT provide permission for use of your logo, or for the public identification of any individuals in your organization. It only gives permission to include the name of your company or organization, your country of headquarters, and the type of entity you are on public lists of DAG participants.

NO - As a DAG member I do not grant permission for my organization to be listed on public lists of participants in the GDST Dialogue Advisory Group.

YES - As a DAG member I grant permission for my organization to be listed on public lists of participants in the the GDST Dialogue Advisory Group.