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Companies involved in the making, processing, trading, or selling of seafood worldwide are all encouraged to join leading GDST members in declaring support for the GDST 1.0 standards by filling out the form below.  By joining the GDST 1.0 Adoption Statement you are helping make interoperable seafood traceability a reality . . . good for your business, good for the seafood industry, and good for the world as we give companies the tools they need to ensure the legality of seafood products and to help meet responsible sourcing commitments.

Remember that joining the adoption statement does NOT commit your company to any specific action or timeline for implementing the GDST standards. You are just stating in public that GDST 1.0 should be accepted as the new global industry standard for seafood traceability. Adopting the GDST 1.0 standards brings the benefit of becoming a GDST member – please sign up to become a GDST company member here. A fuller version of the GDST 1.0 Adoption Statement signed by leading GDST companies is available here.

Companies joining the adoption statement will have their company name and logo appear on the public adoption statement, on the GDST website, and in materials to be displayed at major seafood industry events to promote widespread adoption and implementation of GDST 1.0.

The Adoption Statement was drafted and first signed by all eleven industry members of the GDST Steering Committee:


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ONLY companies involved in the making, processing, trading, or selling of seafood can adopt GDST 1.0. To learn how stakeholders can join and support the dialogue, please click here to visit this page.

YES! As a company involved in the seafood supply chain, we are proud to endorse GDST 1.0 as the as the new global industry standard for seafood traceability. These standards are the result of the GDST's three-year consensus-based process involving more than five dozen companies across the seafood sector around the world. As more fully set forth in the GDST Adoption Statement, we understand that by joining the adoption statement we are not committing to any specific timeline for our company to come into compliance with the GDST standards. But we are setting out a clear vision for how interoperable full-chain traceability can and should work across the seafood sector. We will implement these standards ourselves over time, and recommend their widespread adoption and implementation by the entire seafood industry globally.

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Uploading your logo will give your company the visibility it deserves as an industry leader for seafood traceability! By providing your logo, you give GDST the right to include it on the public adoption statement and in related promotional materials and public statements about the adoption of GDST 1.0. No other use is authorized.