How to Get Involved as a Supply Chain Company

Thank you for your interest in joining the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability!

Adoption and membership in the GDST are open to any company in the seafood supply chain (i.e. companies involved in the making, processing, trading, or selling of seafood) that is actively implementing or planning to implement the GDST standards.

Industry associations are also welcome to adopt and apply for membership if their principal purpose is to represent small-scale producers or processors who would otherwise be unable to implement the GDST standards or participate regularly in GDST activities without association support. If the association comprises both small-scale and some mid- or large-sized companies, the association may apply for membership in order to represent its small-scale members if the majority of mid-sized and larger companies within the association also independently adopt the standards and join GDST. Associations principally comprising mid and large-scale companies are welcome to contact the Secretariat to discuss other forms of cooperation and endorsement.

Please note that GDST membership and adoption of the GDST standards go hand-in-hand. By agreeing to become a GDST member you are also agreeing to adopt the GDST standards.

  • What does being a GDST member entail?

Being a member of the GDST entitles your company to participate in members-only GDST discussions and consultations, to have a voice in GDST decision making, and to contribute to the evolution of the standards.

  • What does adopting the GDST standards mean?

By adopting the GDST standards you are signing onto the public adoption statement (available in Chinese and Japanese) that was drafted and first signed by all eleven GDST Steering Committee members. By signing the adoption statement, you are stating that the GDST standards should be accepted as the new global industry standard for seafood traceability. Signing the statement and adopting the GDST standards does NOT commit your company to any specific action or timeline for implementing the GDST standards.

Disclaimer - The Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) does not presently have a mechanism to independently verify the validity of claims made about the implementation or compliance of the GDST standards. As more companies implement the GDST standards, systems to validate such claims may be developed in the future. 

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Uploading your logo will give your company the visibility it deserves as an industry leader for seafood traceability! By providing your logo, you give GDST the right to include it on the public adoption statement and in related promotional materials and public statements about the adoption of the GDST standards. No other use is authorized.