How to Get Involved as a Producer/Marketer Company

Thank you for your interest in joining the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability!

Producer/Marketer partnership in the GDST is open to any company in the seafood supply chain (i.e. companies involved in the making, processing, trading, or selling of seafood) that is actively implementing or planning to implement the GDST standards.  (Industry associations may apply for Producer/Marketer partnership if they are directly involved as commercial actors in the production or marketing of seafood products, or if they exclusively represent small-scale producers or processors who would otherwise be unable to participate regularly in GDST activities without association support; associations not meeting these criteria should reach out to to discuss other appropriate categories for their partnership.)

Partnership = Commitment

Joining the GDST as a Producer/Marketer Partner means making a public commitment to implement the GDST standards. Companies joining in the higher levels of partnership will be those willing to make the strongest commitments, showing impactful leadership in advancing worldwide adoption of the GDST standards.

Partnership Fees

To survive as a self-sustaining, industry-based organization, the GDST must now charge fees for participation.  The fees for GDST Producer/Marketer partners are on a par with or lower than the cost of participation in most other "per-competitive" seafood industry organizations.  Please note that Producers/Marketers operating at small scales, especially in developing countries, may be eligible for needs-based discounts.  For details, please contact us by filling out the Partner Interest Form, below.

For more details, expand or download the Terms of Partnership grid for Producers/Marketers, below.

Benefits of Producer/Marketer Partnership:

Partners-only products and services, including discounted access to the software Capability Test and to a suite of successor test tools now in development to verify adoption of GDST standards.  GDST Producer/Marketer Partners will be provided continuously updated tools, materials, and training with discounted, individualized technical support and advice.

Visibility in the market through multiple opportunities to receive recognition for their involvement in GDST and their leadership on the topic of seafood traceability, including through GDST’s website, public communications, and frequent public appearances.

Increased knowledge and influence regarding the rapidly changing regulatory environment around seafood traceability, as the GDST continues to act as one of the strongest platforms for industry engagement on these issues; Producer/Marketer Partners have the greatest ability to influence GDST advocacy, and will regularly receive Partners-only briefings on regulatory developments.

Shaping future GDST standards – they continue to be upgraded to reflect member experiences, technical developments, and the need for possible expansion in areas such as climate change and labor rights; Producer/Marketer Partners will have a seat at the table as changes to the GDST standards are discussed and drafted.

For more information, please fill out the following Partnership Interest Form and one of our regional representatives will reach out to you.