Fisherman holding his catch, Tikina Wai, Fiji

Fisherman holding his catch, Tikina Wai, Fiji. Tikina Wai villagers catch fish just outside the Marine Protected Area (MPA) area, a WWF Project that started in the year 2000 together with mangrove protection. The catch is a spill over from MPA sites. The fisherman use a traditional form of fishing gear – spear and nets. Trevally and emperor fish make up the majority of the catch. Before the MPA’s were set up the villagers didn’t have enough fish so they had to buy meat from outside. Now, the villagers find more fish in the same area, within 2 hours they can catch eight baskets and don’t have to buy other meat. The fish from the MPAs, sold to generate income, is enough to make a living and meet obligations to Vanua, Church and family.

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