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The following collection of resources provides more information on a variety of topics covered on this site.

Company Resources

GDST Supplier Onboarding Packet

The GDST Supplier Onboarding Packet is a resource to help you work with your supply chain partners in the journey towards GDST implementation.

GDST Capability Test

Access the first-ever, interactive, online test to verify the ability of software solutions to achieve GDST data sharing interoperability. This page contains an overview of the capability test and contact information to learn about using it.

GDST Standards and Materials

The official GDST Standards and Guidelines for Interoperable Seafood Traceability Systems.

Implementation Roadmap and Toolkit

A document that offers tools and a recommended methodology to help companies evaluate the benefits and challenges of implementing the GDST standards, and to develop company-specific plans for business-smart, phased implementation both internally and with supply chain partners.

Implementation Metrics Rubric

A tool that provides a set of indicators and metrics to give companies a quantitative framework to assess their progress towards implementing the GDST Standards.

Developer GitHub

This GitHub documents scenarios outside the scope of the GDST Normative Standards and other explanatory information.

GDST Public Slack Channel

An open channel for companies and organizations looking to discuss the implementation and interoperability of the GDST standards. To access this channel, please click the image above and create a slack account or log into your existing account.

Communications Toolkit

An interactive guide to help jump-start your company communications around the adoption and implementation of the GDST Standards.

GDST Comments on FDA Proposed New Regulations Under Section 204 of the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act

The GDST comments were drafted by a working group of the GDST Steering Committee with support from the GDST Secretariat, and have been reviewed and approved by the entire Steering Committee.

GDST Brochure

An informational brochure that provides background on the GDST and the importance of the GDST standards for the seafood industry.

Two-Page Pitch

A two-page pitch to help orient internal discussions about the GDST opportunity.

GDST Standard Update FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Version 1.2 update of the Standard.

Completness Tool FAQ


Completeness Tool Checklist


Open Source Libraries FAQ


Video Library


GDST PBS News Hour Special

GDST (Greg Brown) and WWF (David Schorr) were featured during a PBS NewsHour Special, Tipping Point: Fisheries on the Brink – A PBS NewsHour Special, with Miles O'Brien to discuss the global challenges of stopping illegal, unreported, and unregulated seafood and how digital traceability will help address this issue.

COVID Impacted Industry Strongly Embraces New GDST Standards

During this webinar, diverse seafood industry representatives tell their stories about how the GDST standards are already changing the way they do business, and why they are excited to see the standards widely implemented across the sector.

GDST session during the Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium

The GDST participated in a virtual session during the Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium to discuss the GDST standards. Panelists included WWF-Japan, JCCU, Ajinomoto, Culinary Collaborations LLC, and METRO AG.

GDST Session During The Consumer Goods Forum Sustainable Retail Summit

During this session, industry leaders from Whole Foods and METRO AG share their stories of why implementing the GDST standards is a business-smart decision, has helped them reduce various risks in their supply chains, and how utilization of the standards has already provided numerous benefits across their company and to their customers.

GDST Standards Launch Webinar

This is the webinar of the formal launch of the GDST Standards and Guidelines for Interoperable Seafood Traceability Systems.

GDST Standards Introductory Webinar

An informational webinar to provide a brief overview of the GDST processes and introduce the new GDST Standards and Guidelines for interoperable seafood traceability.

Case Study: End-to-End Traceability Piloting-Thai Union

This video illustrates the pilot process and how the GDST standards may be used to achieve interoperable end-to-end traceability.

GDST session during the World Economic Forum’s Virtual Ocean Dialogues

The GDST hosted a virtual session during the World Economic Forum’s Virtual Ocean Dialogues to discuss how innovative technologies and the new GDST standards directly support company commitments to responsible sourcing and address key issues in the seafood industry.

GDST Promotional Video

Traceability must be effective, reliable, and affordable. The GDST standards make that possible.

GDST Testimonials From Leading Industry Members

Hear leading industry members --Mount Cook Alpine Salmon, Beaver Street Fisheries, THINH HUNG-Vietnam, Nueva Pescanova Group--discuss why the GDST standards are good for business.

Case Studies


Beta Implementations Test Seafood Traceability Standard at Scale

This paper profiles three beta tests conducted in coordination with the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and GDST member companies to provide learnings to inform best practices as the sector implements GDST.

Metro Cash and Carry

CP Foods Aquaculture Shrimp

CP Foods participated in the first wave of pilots conducted by the GDST to test interoperable sharing of supply chain data.

Wild-Caught Protein for Aquaculture Shrimp

This pilot further tested interoperability in another section of a supply chain included in the first wave of pilots conducted by the GDST.

Thai Union Vessel

Thai Union participated in the second wave of pilots conducted by the GDST to test interoperable sharing of supply chain data.

Aquaculture Salmon: Mount Cook Alpine Salmon/178 Degrees

Bolton to Metro Supply Chain Metro

Bolton and Metro participated in the second wave of pilots conducted by the GDST to accomplish interoperable sharing of supply chain data.

Supply Chain with Blockchain

ASC-Certified Giant Tiger Prawn from Vietnam to the UK

This pilot tested interoperability in another aquaculture shrimp supply chain.

Wild-Caught Shrimp from Catch

This pilot tested interoperability in a wild-caught shrimp supply chain.

Farmed Chinook Salmon

Testing and Implementing GDST Standards in Live Environment

Tech Vendor/Wild-Caught Tuna

This pilot tested interoperability in a wild-caught tuna supply chain.

External Resources


Traceable Returns, Planet Tracker

This report is focused on analyzing traceability solutions that could increase profitability and sustainability for processors in the seafood industry. Throughout the report, the GDST standards are prominently featured as the top solution that would significantly improve the efficiency, reliability, and affordability of traceability implementation in the industry.

Accelerating Sustainable Seafood, UN Global Compact

The Impact of Improved Traceability on the Safety of Food, Lloyd's Register Foundation

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