New GDST Tool Will Test Interoperability of Traceability Software, Provide Commercial Assurances

Washington D.C. – April 27, 2022 – Just one month after announcing several important updates to its structural growth at Seafood Expo North America, the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) has successfully completed the first round of beta testing of the first-ever tool to verify the ability of software solutions to achieve GDST data sharing interoperability. When released later this quarter, the testing tool will meet strong industry demand for a way to verify the GDST capability of traceability systems offered by solution providers or used by supply chain partners. The testing tool was designed to support the recently updated GDST 1.1 standard, which includes a new communications protocol to enable automatic computer-to-computer sharing of GDST-compatible data.  Taken together, the testing tool and the updated GDST standard significantly enhance the power of the GDST to assure reliable interoperability.

The capability test itself is an interactive on-line tool that communicates directly with a traceability platform, simulating how two traceability systems would share data during a routine business transaction.   A half dozen leading traceability solution providers were heavily engaged in the beta testing, with particularly strong involvement by OpsSmart Global, Pacifical, Trace Register, and Wholechain. In addition to helping ensure that the new tool is functional across a wide range of traceability solutions, these companies demonstrated that they are well advanced towards GDST IT capability and will be in strong position to verify the capability of their products when the testing tool is formally launched.

The development of the capability tool is a major step forward for the implementation of the GDST standards across the seafood industry. Jayson Berryhill, Co-founder of Wholechain, agreed: “The GDST capability test is an important step to validate that traceability systems are capable of using the standard. Wholechain is grateful to have collaborated with the GDST team from the beginning and to be among the leading companies in the beta testing process.”

Phil Werdal, CEO of Trace Register, added, “Trace Register has long believed interoperability is key. We have been supporting GDST from its early days and are thrilled to see this incredible progress. GDST has delivered a global, real-world, and practical standard, for seafood traceability.”

Once the testing tool is officially launched, traceability systems that have successfully passed the test will receive public recognition on the GDST’s website, allowing solution providers and supply chain actors to demonstrate the verified GDST capability of their software to their customers and supply chain partners. In the period remaining before the formal release of the tool, the GDST will continue to work closely with those involved in the beta testing phase on refinements and finalizing its user interface. GDST also plans to host future technical workshops for all endorsing solution providers and GDST members.

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About the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability

The GDST was organized in 2017 by WWF and the Institute of Food Technologists as an international, business-to-business platform to advance a unified framework for interoperable and verifiable seafood traceability. The GDST brings together companies from around the globe and across different parts of the seafood supply chain. In March 2020, after a multi-year industry-led drafting process, the GDST released the first-ever global standard (GDST 1.0) governing information content and data formats specifically for seafood traceability systems. Learn more at or contact the GDST by email at

About OpsSmart Global

OpsSmart is a cloud-based, blockchain agnostic SAAS traceability solution designed for full spectrum supply chain management. Its patent-protected traceability solutions have been featured in The Fish Site, Watt Poultry, and The Asian Development Bank, winning OpsSmart the Inaugural U.S. FDA Traceability Challenge and an invitation to the Hatch Aquaculture Innovation Studio. OpsSmart utilizes a complex database of regulatory agencies, capturing interoperable data throughout critical junctures in the supply chain, ensuring that food safety and compliance management are seamlessly accomplished. It has proudly served small businesses, federal agencies, and major corporations since its conception, providing bespoke solutions for nearly a decade. Learn more at

About Pacifical

Pacifical is the global tuna market development representing the small Pacific Island countries and their people. It promotes the catch, production, distribution of the MSC certified sustainable free school skipjack and yellowfin tuna caught within their waters. Since 2013 the Pacifical traceability online platform gathers all relevant fishing, production and distribution data from catch till final delivery of each individual end product.  With the aim to increase transparency and interoperability, Pacifical pioneered in blockchain technology and has recently engaged in a beta pilot, and it is currently on track to become the first ones to achieve full GDST (Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability) capability within the tuna industry.

About Trace Register

 Trace Register is the proven global seafood full-chain traceability leader serving clients in more than 50 countries for over 15 years. Its TR5 platform takes an unprecedented approach, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and industry standards such as GDST and GS1 to transform seafood supply chains. TR5 smart traceability enables members of the seafood ecosystem to integrate and use data from multiple sources and locations to build digital supply networks (DSNs) and create value by improving operations and supply chains. The results are fewer problems, higher margins, and more satisfied customers. Visit to learn more.

About Wholechain

Wholechain® is a blockchain based traceability solution that is built to enable trust, coordination, and transparency in fragmented supply chains using GS1 standards. Deployed in 20 countries, Wholechain is a partner on the Mastercard blockchain and works across commodities, allowing businesses to manage risks and increase efficiencies while enabling consumers to make more responsible decisions. Wholechain is a winner of the Fish 2.0 Award for Supply Chain Innovation at Stanford’s Center for Ocean Solutions, and a winner of the FDA’s Food Traceability Challenge in 2021. Wholechain has been featured in Forbes, Computer World, Progressive Grocer, Beauty Inc. Magazine, Spend Matters, Food Tank and NASDAQ, and is also a partner on the recently-launched Fed by Blue initiative. Find out more at