Launch of GDST Capability Test is a Major Leap Forward in Bringing Quality Assurances and Practical Adoption Support to the Seafood Industry

Washington D.C. – June 30, 2022

In an industry first, companies now have access to a capability test that will allow them to verify the ability of software solutions to achieve data sharing interoperability using the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) standard. The launch of this test arrives just a few short months after the GDST announced several important updates to its structural growth at Seafood Expo North America 2022, which included a commitment to release this traceability test by July 2022.

Built as an interactive on-line interface, this test communicates directly with traceability platforms, simulating how two traceability systems would share data during a routine business transaction. The test supports the recently updated GDST 1.1 standard, which incorporates a revised communications protocol to enable automatic computer-to-computer sharing of GDST-compatible data. In conjunction, both the test and GDST 1.1 significantly enhance the power of the GDST to assure reliable interoperability.

“As GDST transitions to become an independent, truly global organization advocating for and advancing the standardization and adoption of interoperable traceability throughout fishery and aquaculture supply chains, the launch of this test is an important step in providing tools to the industry in support of that mission,” said Greg Brown, GDST’s Executive Director.

This test responds to strong industry demand for a way to verify claims made by traceability systems regarding their ability to achieve GDST-based interoperability. Traceability systems that have successfully passed the test will receive public recognition on the GDST’s website, allowing companies to demonstrate the verified GDST capability of their software to their customers and supply chain partners.

“There is already so much buzz about the test, we are thrilled to be finally rolling it out,” said Blake Harris, Technical Director at IFT. “The impact on interoperability in the seafood industry cannot be overstated. We now have a way to verify that a traceability system has fully implemented the GDST standard; yesterday, that was a nearly impossible question to answer.”

In two other important updates: 1) the GDST is also launching their much-anticipated Supplier Onboarding Packet to support existing member companies for the adoption and implementation of GDST standards throughout their supply chain, and 2) the GDST will be reorganized into a permanent, independently incorporated, industry-led, member-based entity by years’ end. The reorganization will create a permanent home for maintaining and supporting the GDST standards while continuing to provide GDST members with a global forum to coordinate industry actions and promote government policies in favor of effective, business-smart seafood traceability.

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About the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability
The GDST was organized in 2017 by WWF and the Institute of Food Technologists as an international, business-to-business platform to advance a unified framework for interoperable and verifiable seafood traceability. The GDST brings together companies from around the globe and across different parts of the seafood supply chain. In March 2020, after a multi-year industry-led drafting process, the GDST released the first-ever global standard (GDST 1.0) governing information content and data formats specifically for seafood traceability systems. Learn more at or contact the GDST by email at