How to Get Involved as a Stakeholder

Thank you for your interest in joining the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability!

All non-supply chain companies and other stakeholders (including NGOs, academic institutions, governmental entities, or others) are welcome to join the Dialogue Advisory Group (DAG) and endorse the GDST standards.

  • What does being a DAG member entail?

Members of the DAG are regularly briefed on GDST developments and are given opportunities to comment on the evolution of the GDST standards and select GDST decisions that require stakeholder input.

  • How do I endorse the GDST standards?

Companies are looking to stakeholders to see how NGOs, certifications, government initiatives, etc. are planning to use the GDST standards towards their missions. Endorsing the GDST entails providing a short statement that expresses support for the GDST standards and your organization’s unique work to support the implementation of the standards across the seafood sector.

If you are interested in endorsing the GDST standards, please reach out to the GDST Secretariat at after you have submitted your registration form below.

  • Can I adopt the GDST standards?

At this time, only companies involved in the making, processing, trading, or selling of seafood products can adopt the GDST standards.

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Permission to List Participants

Participants in the DAG are granting permission for their organization's name to be listed and for their logo to be used on the GDST website and other GDST public materials unless you check the box below.

NO - As a DAG member I do not grant permission for my organization to be listed and logo to be used on public lists of participants in the GDST Dialogue Advisory Group and GDST public materials.

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