How to Get Involved as a Facilitator Organization

Thank you for your interest in joining the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability!

Facilitator partnership in the GDST is open to organizations involved in seafood certification or benchmarking who are adopting the standard and/or integrating it into their own tools that facilitate adoption.  Organizations in this category were previously invited to join the Dialogue Advisory Group, but are now eligible for active membership in the GDST.

Partnership = Commitment

Joining the GDST as a Facilitator Partner means making a public commitment to support the implementation of the GDST standards. Companies joining in the higher levels of partnership will be those willing to make the strongest commitments and take concrete steps towards developing services or taking other actions that facilitate the implementation of the standards.

Partnership Fees

To survive as a self-sustaining, industry-based organization, the GDST must now charge fees for participation to cover the costs of conducting the Dialogue and maintaining the GDST standards.  However, the fees for GDST Facilitator Partners are low to nominal, and we believe should not pose an obstacle to any facilitator organization that is prepared to work in active partnership with the GDST for our mutual benefit.  For details, please contact us by filling out the Partner Interest Form, below.

For more details, expand or download the Terms of Partnership grid for Faciliators, below.

Benefits of Facilitator Partnership:

GDST Facilitator Partners will have valuable opportunities to:

Promote traceability in support of social and environmental responsibility in seafood supply chains.

Participate in influential industry-stakeholder discussions as the GDST continues to strengthen its role as a major forum for industry-stakeholder interactions around seafood traceability.

Shape future GDST standards as they continue to be upgraded to reflect member experiences, technical developments, and the need for possible expansion in areas such as climate change and labor rights; Facilitator Partners will be consulted closely, and may serve on technical committees, during discussions of changes to the GDST standard. 

Strengthen your technical knowledge and capacities through increased access to tools and technical support for understanding the GDST standards and the path towards digital traceability, including support for programmatic work related to the development of tools and services to facilitate GDST implementation.

Receive increased recognition within the industry, with governments, and with the public for you work with the GDST and your leadership on seafood traceability, including through visibility on the GDST’s website, public communications, and in GDST public appearances.

For more information, please fill out the following Partnership Interest Form and one of our regional representatives will reach out to you.