GDST Standards and Materials

Background on the GDST Standards and Materials

The GDST standards and materials are the product of the GDST Secretariat and reflect extensive dialogue with GDST members and external experts. These documents together constitute the full set of the GDST standards and materials. The packet, as of February 2020, includes materials listed in the table below. 

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Disclaimer -- The Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) does not presently have a mechanism to independently verify the validity of claims made about the GDST standards implementation or compliance. As more companies implement the GDST standards, systems to validate such claims may be developed in the future. 

To download the materials, please click the document titles in the table below. 

Document Title

Contents Translations  
Guide to the GDST Standards and Materials, V 1.1 Overview of the GDST standards packet contents + “How to use these documents” Translations of V 1.0 documents are available here.
Executive Summary, V 1.1 A two-page description of GDST standards.

Translations of V 1.1 Standards revisions are 

Core Normative Standards, V 1.1 The GDST standards themselves


Basic Universal List of KDEs (spreadsheet), V 1.1 e-spreadsheet of Appendices to Core Normative Standards


Explanatory Materials, V 1.1 Non-technical background and introductory materials

Technical Implementation Guidance, V 1.1 Additional technical materials to facilitate implementation

To access past versions of the GDST standards and other related translations, please refer to the standards archives.