Successful Seafood Traceability Hackathons

This October in Cologne and Bali, the GDST hosted two amazing seafood traceability hackahtons (trackathons).

Cologne Trackathon

We partnered with fTRACE and GS1 Germany on October 21-22 in Cologne at GS1’s Innovation Center with 4 teams from 5 countries. Traceabiltiy experts and participants from Ireland, South Korea, the UK, Germany, Italy and the US gathered together to exchange innovative ideas and learn from each other. Participants hacked for 24 hours to create tools supporting traceability system interoperability. They created ready to use solutions to traceability challenges ranging from managing traceability data access to verifying catch legality. Read more here about the Cologne Trackathon and winners.

Bali Trackathon

Right after Cologne, GDST hosted its final trackathon for 2019 in Bali, Indonesia. For this event we partnered together with SecondMuse and USAID Ocean and Fisheries Partnership. On October 26-27 in Bali there were 6 teams from 4 countries addressing small-scale producer challenges and data verification methods. Experts from the the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, the US and Europe came together. Teams applied exciting AI technology to monitor mangrove degradation from shrimp farming and created a markets place to help monitor by-catch. Read more here about the Bali Trackathon and winners.

Enjoy a selection of photos from the hackathons below.

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