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Building on the success of its recent Bangkok Trackathon, the GDST is hosting two more trackathons back-to-back in October in Cologne, Germany and Bali, Indonesia. We have teamed up with fTRACE and GS1 Germany for the Cologne Trackathon, and SecondMuse and the USAID Oceans and Fisheries Partnership for the Bali Trackathon. With these strong partners our goal is to address region-specific traceability challenges using the GDST’s framework for interoperable traceability.

We recognise that building a global network of interoperable traceability systems will not be accomplished by the seafood industry alone. While it is the processors, traders and buyers who have well-defined needs and must lead the way, the technical talents to transform ideas into market-ready, affordable solutions often sit outside the seafood sector. Be a part of the solution by joining in-person or virtually one or both of our hackathons! Preview the trackathon challenge categories here:

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  1. Key Data Element Verification– create data validation protocols and access permissions for key data elements captured on vessel
  2. Interoperability using EPCIS – develop tools to read and write traceability data in leveraging GDST adapted EPCIS format
  3. Identifier Technology – leverage existing identification technology to capture and transmit product provenance information
  4. Blockchain Integration – develop traceability data transmission applications utilizing blockchain  

We’ll have a pre-trackathon launch party before each 2-day event and close each trackathon with an awards ceremony and prizes! Register your participation for one of the trackathons with the GDST here:

Register to participate

Register to participate here

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Each trackathon will be hosted in-person and virtually. To have a central location for launching challenges, posting team solutions and announcing winners, we will use dedicated Devpost sites. Once you sign up with the form above, please also register your in-person or online participation here:

Cologne Trackathon (21-22 October) – GS1 Knowledge Center; Cologne, Germany


Trackathon participants will find a comfortable hotel at the Ameron Hotel Regent, a short walk from the GS1 Knowledge Center. 

Bali Trackathon (26-27 October) – Fairfield by Marriott, Legian Kecak Ballroom; Bali, Indonesia


Follow this link to book a special rate for hackathon participants.


Using a collaborative problem-solving approach, we will produce open-source solutions to challenges the seafood industry currently faces. Join us to understand what the seafood industry has created in the last two years to set the rules of the game for interoperable traceability – from aligning and defining what information should be collected on the water to how that information is formatted, and how this framework will help everyone from fishers to consumers. Join the hackathon so you can develop solutions that afford small-scale fishers a greater access to new markets. Create apps that tell the story of sustainably caught seafood. Contemplate big questions around data quality and data verification challenges.


The Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability has brought together over 60 producers, processors, and retailers from the seafood industry from around the world. We have the biggest names in seafood talking about traceability. More than that, we have the attention of technical solutions providers, NGOs, certifiers, governments and the like. Join this hackathon to hear what they are thinking about in terms of the future of traceability, work with their tools and seize the chance to share your solutions with them!

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