GDST Events

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FREE WEBINAR: COVID Impacted Industry Strongly Embraces New GDST Standards

Join us on March 25th to commemorate the 1-year anniversary since the GDST 1.0 standards launched last March. During this webinar, diverse seafood industry representatives will tell their stories about how the GDST standards are already changing the way they do business, and why they are excited to see the standards widely implemented across the sector. Attend this webinar to learn the state of play as the standards turn one year old, and where they are heading into the future…

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GDST Hackathons

As part of the process to develop and test GDST standards and guidelines, we have held three hackathons.  These events, all co-sponsored by significant external partners, and all attracting excellent participation, were an invaluable way of solving technical problems and engaging stakeholders beyond the GDST members themselves.

Information on each of the GDST hackathons can be found at the links below:

The Bangkok Trackathon (February 2019)

The Cologne Trackathon (October 2019)

The Bali Trackathon (October 2019)