The GDST Capability Test is currently the only GDST-authorized tool for gauging performance against the GDST standards.  The test verifies the ability of traceability software to support systems that meet the recently updated GDST 1.1 standard.

Solution Provider: Wholechain, Inc.

Solution Name: Wholechain

Version: 1.1

Capability Level: Full Chain

Date Passed: October 03, 2022

Description of services provided by the Solution Provider and is not warranted verified and endorsed by GDST:

Wholechain is a blockchain-based traceability solution built to enable trust, coordination and transparency in fragmented supply chains. Working across commodities, Wholechain is a GS1 Solution Partner compliant with the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST), and a winner of the FDA’s Traceability Challenge in 2021 and the Fish2.0 Competition at Stanford in 2019.

Important Disclaimer:  The GDST Capability Test is limited in its application.  It verifies the ability of a software product or system to enable GDST compliance.  However, it does NOT verify:
  1. The level of GDST compliance resulting from use of the software, including by the company that developed it.   For example, it does NOT verify that a company implementing the software is actually collecting and delivering GDST-compliant information in a transactional environment; or
  2. The capability of the software when implemented by any company other than the developer, such as a client of a solution provider (considering that performance of software may vary when installed and operated in specific operational contexts).

The GDST is working towards developing mechanisms and benchmarks to address these other verification needs in the future.