GDST Capability Test

The GDST Capability Test supports the recently updated GDST 1.1 standard, which includes a new communications protocol to enable automatic computer-to-computer sharing of GDST-compatible data.  Taken together, the test and the updated GDST standard significantly enhance the power of the GDST to assure reliable interoperability.

The Capability Test is an interactive online test that communicates directly with a traceability platform, simulating how two traceability systems would share data during a routine business transaction. A half dozen leading traceability solution providers were heavily engaged in the beta testing that led to the launch of the test. Benefits of this test include among others:

Industry Benefits: 
  • Confidence that a solution provider is interoperable.
  • Assurance against vague claims of GDST compliance.
  • Industry-wide reduction in integration.
Solution Provider Benefits:
  • Ensures competition on a level playing field.
  • Increases the speed of integration with customers.
  • Lowers cost barriers of integration with customers.

Please contact for more information on how you can take the test.