GDST Capability Test

The GDST Capability Test is currently the only GDST-authorized tool for gauging performance against the GDST standards.  The test verifies the ability of traceability software to support systems that meet the recently updated GDST 1.1 standard.
The test is an online interactive tool that communicates directly with traceability platforms to test their performance.  The test simulates how two traceability systems would share data during a routine business transaction, including all KDEs required by the GDST standards and employing the Digital Link communications protocol.
The Capability Test was developed in response to strong industry demand, and delivers benefits both for producers/marketers of seafood products and for providers of traceability software and services:
Industry Benefits: 
  • Confidence that a software solution is interoperable.
  • Assurance against vague claims of GDST compliance.
  • Industry-wide reduction in costs of integrations.
Solution Provider Benefits:
  • Ensures competition on a level playing field.
  • Increases the speed of integration with customers.
  • Lowers cost barriers of integration with customers.
Traceability systems that have successfully passed are eligible to display a special "GDST-Capable" logo and will receive public recognition on the GDST’s website, allowing companies to demonstrate the verified GDST capability of their software to their customers and supply chain partners.

Whose Software Has Been Verified?

Click here for information on  companies whose software has earned the GDST-Capable logo.

Please contact for information on access to the test. 

Important Disclaimer:  The GDST Capability Test is limited in its application.  It verifies the ability of a software product or system to enable GDST compliance.  However, it does NOT verify:
  1. The level of GDST compliance resulting from use of the software, including by the company that developed it.   For example, it does NOT verify that a company implementing the software is actually collecting and delivering GDST-compliant information in a transactional environment; or
  2. The capability of the software when implemented by any company other than the developer, such as a client of a solution provider (considering that performance of software may vary when installed and operated in specific operational contexts).

The GDST is working towards developing mechanisms and benchmarks to address these other verification needs in the future.