GDST Executive Director Job Announcement

We are pleased to announce that the GDST is seeking to hire a full-time executive director to lead it through an exciting stage of growth and global impact. We urge all GDST stakeholders to take note of this announcement and to share it broadly wherever appropriate candidates may be found. Please also note that in the weeks ahead we anticipate announcing a second professional GDST staff position to work under the new executive director.

From the launch of the GDST in 2017, through the publication of the GDST 1.0 standards in March 2020 and onward to today, the GDST has been convened and facilitated by two leading international NGOs (WWF and IFT). Now, with the uptake of GDST standards continuing to grow around the world, we are entering a new organizational phase towards establishing the GDST as an independent, permanent, industry-based organization. With strong support from our industry Steering Committee, and with transitional funding from two major U.S. foundations, we are ready to hire the GDST’s first executive director as a key step in this process. The new executive director will help envision and build a newly organized GDST as an industry-driven multi-stakeholder entity to own, maintain, and promote the GDST standards for years to come.  During this exciting transitional process, the current GDST secretariat will continue to operate and be staffed by WWF and IFT, working in tandem with the GDST’s new professional staff. For further information, please email us at

We hope you will share this important job announcement widely, and send qualified candidates our way!