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GDST Session During the Consumer Goods Forum Sustainable Retail Summit

October 14 @ 04:30 - 04:55 EDT

Session Title: Leading Standards and Companies Change the Future of Seafood Traceability

Session Description: Retailers face some of the largest risks when it comes to brand reputation, and robust, full-chain product traceability is an excellent tool for companies to bring more transparency to their supply chains and validate the legality, sustainability, and social responsibility claims being made by their suppliers.  In the seafood industry, the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) has developed groundbreaking standards for electronic and interoperable traceability that enables effective, reliable, and affordable solutions across the supply chain. This session will bring together industry leaders to share their stories of why implementing the GDST standards is a business-smart decision, has helped them reduce various risks in their supply chains, and how utilization of the standards has already provided numerous benefits across their company and to their customers.

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Manager, Global Seafood Traceability
World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Principal Quality Standards Advisor, Seafood
Whole Foods Market
Head of Corporate Responsibility


Session objectives:

  • Learn about how the GDST standards provide risk assurance to companies across important topics like product legality, sustainability, and food safety, through enabling real-time data exchange and providing authoritative sources for verifying reported data.
  • Learn about the companies that are already utilizing the GDST standards to achieve numerous business benefits and the opportunity that retailers have to drive uptake of these standards across the industry.
  • Attendees understand how supply chain transparency achieved through the GDST standards is helping companies strengthen their operations against future potential disruptions, such as the disruption that many companies faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.




The Consumer Goods Forum
The Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability