Working Group 3: Policy & Regulatory Alignment


  1. To identify government practices that effectively support the creation of reliable information needed for seafood key data elements (KDEs).
  2. To identify government practices that promote traceable and legal seafood while supporting efficient business practices.
  3. To promote the alignment (“adequate harmonisation”) of national regulations affecting seafood traceability and risk-reduction, including emerging regulations to halt trade in products from “illegal, unreported and unregulated” (IUU) fishing.


Governments have important and growing roles in helping establish the global framework envisioned by this Global Dialogue. They can provide clear legal standards, help collect and verify data, create the enabling conditions for fair competition, and raise consumer confidence. But as regulatory activity in this area expands, there is a need for clear identification of effective and efficient practices, and a rapidly emerging need for international alignment of regulatory approaches. This Dialogue can help provide strong inputs towards policies and regulations that are coherent, coordinated and appropriate on a global basis.

Working Group 3 will work towards articulating a vision for global alignment of national regulatory policies.