Working Group 2: IT Architecture; Data Access & Security


  1. To achieve global agreement on a basic IT architecture for seafood traceability.
  2. To standardise definitions and digital semantics for “critical tracking events” (CTEs) and “key data elements” (KDEs).
  3. To standardise data formats, security and communications protocols/mechanisms for handling KDEs at all CTEs.
  4. To agree on a framework for routine business-to-business practices and legal relationships governing data sharing and data security for interoperable seafood traceability.


Achieving global interoperability and efficiency in seafood traceability is currently hindered by the absence of a pre-competitive “backbone” consisting of a broadly accepted IT architecture, data format standards, data security and data communications protocols.  Developing these – and linking them to product traceability practices for other food products and consumer goods – is an essential precondition of a successful global framework for seafood traceability.

Additionally, business-to-business access to information within the seafood supply chain needs to be efficient while also ensuring data ownership, control, and security. Constantly shifting buying/selling patterns raise the need for standard forms and practices by which data access can be easily negotiated and secured.

Working Group 2 will work towards articulating a shared technology architecture and common data access protocols for globally interoperable seafood traceability.