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Major Announcements

What is the Dialogue? 

The Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) was launched in April 2017 as a seafood industry forum dedicated to drafting the first-ever global standards for seafood traceability.  The GDST has grown into one of the largest and most diverse business-to-business forums in the seafood sector. On March 16th, 2020, after nearly three years of consensus-based work, the GDST launched the GDST Standards and Guidelines for Interoperable Seafood Traceability Systems, Version 1.0.    

Our Goal

The underlying goal of the GDST has been to enable access to verifiable information to ensure the legal origin and responsible sourcing of seafood products. The Dialogue has pursed these goals through the GDST 1.0 standards that work in tandem with core business objectives and operational/commercial business needs.

The Dialogue will produce practical, commercially relevant solutions in four key areas areas that when combined, form the main elements of a new global framework for interoperable seafood traceability:

Key Data Elements

Data Verification

Data Sharing

Regulatory Alignment